About Us

Twists and turns. Trials and errors. Winding and changing paths.

These statements are true testaments of most of my adult life. So many interests, but nothing that called out: "I want to "do" this until I retire." I was sure of one thing- I wanted to help people.
Degrees, diplomas, certificates, and a laundry list of jobs later, I still wasn't satisfied in a dream career. That is, not until I found out I was pregnant. I had already been living a pretty natural lifestyle and thought of myself as healthy. It wasn't until my "scope of practice" upgraded to growing a baby that I really began to dig deep into the ingredients of everything I put in my body and every day life. I took the job of growing a baby more seriously than any other task I had ever been given. Understanding the methods and ingredients used in mass production of every day household items and foods left me questioning everything I once knew and deemed as "normal." 

Formal education in holistic nutrition and wellness, a new appreciation for the Earth and it's natural medicines, and most importantly, two beautiful babies later - I realized that my dreams of helping others didn't have to be so far-fetched: welcome Wildflowers Wellness LLC -Hemp  & Holistic Healing!

My goal as a mother is to raise socially, health, and environmentally, conscious children and I carry this mission over to my business. I guarantee to provide healthy, organic, and natural wellness to all.